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Rut Report

Rut Report from January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

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There are 2 reports

Deer tracker ( Swoope Swoope )
Submitted : Nov 13,2017

Seeing alot more bucks out in feilds crusing looking have got 3 reports of bucks chasing doe activity is picking up as far as va i think its spotty rut activity depends on who you talk to as far as swoope-buffalo gap area alot of bucks being seen and 2 of the previos mentioned chase sightings have been here with 1 of the bucks being shot a 7 point i talked to the hunter and he verified he was chaseing at the time he shot

R Payne ( Woodville Woodville )
Submitted : Sep 07,2017

Acorns have been falling for a little over 3 weeks now. Don't know if it was the cool 51 degree morning but looked out in the back yard a few minutes ago and saw a doe and her yearling grazing. The doe had her attention on something down in the corner of the yard. When I looked it was a young buck. Looked to be a 6 pointer with his rack all polished up. I got trail cam photos 10 days ago and the bucks were still in velvet. Anyway the young buck eases his way toward the doe stopping to stand on his hind legs and lick a branch on the way and when he gets about 50 feet away he takes off chasing her. They run into the woods then back into the backyard before going back into he woods again. After a few minutes the doe comes hauling out of the woods across the backyard only to disappear into the woods on the other side of the yard. I have been talking to a few farmers and a local orchard owner and they have told me that crops and produce have been running 2 weeks earlier this year than normal. I'm wondering if that means we might be in for a earlier rut this year. What I saw this morning is something you normally don't see until October. Only time will tell!


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Are the bucks rubbing and scraping where you hunt? Chasing does yet? Have you shot one, or maybe a doe? Share your daily observations from the woods and post your photos here--discuss the buck behavior and how your hunting is going with others in your region and across America.

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Rut Report from January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

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