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Rut Report

Rut Report from January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

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There are 14 reports

Greg ( State line State line )
Submitted : Oct 19,2017

The crops are coming off and the deer are on the move. Seeing lots of rubs and scrapes and seeing deer of all sizes on their feet. It's about to get real good. Good luck guys!

Chuck ( Miami Miami )
Submitted : Oct 14,2017

I saw the bucks last Tuesday and Thursday. And the last line was, we have had nothing on camera.

Chuck ( Miami Miami )
Submitted : Oct 14,2017

Got last year's buck back from the taxidermist, by far my biggest to date. So far this year I have had 1, dark night encounter with the largest body deer I have ever seen. He came in aggressively toward my grunt I was using to mask myself walking out. Then I saw another buck a few days later making a scrape and grunting at something behind him. (Both last the and thurs.) Since then we have seen no bucks and only 3 does, and both in on camera. Weather and the Lull.

( )
Submitted : Oct 13,2017

The season has started off good for my daughter and I but I guess they call this the October lull. I'm going to try it anyways

Dr.Bones ( Batesville Batesville )
Submitted : Sep 24,2017

All weapons locked in for actions d ready to go. Standsites scouted and noted. Shooters spotted and locations to go after them ready. Now all we need....wind direction and Oct 1st to get here and the show starts!! Good luck to all for a safe, event filled, and successful season. God bless you all . Time to hide in the shadows! Bones out.

Howie ( Cross Plains Cross Plains )
Submitted : Sep 18,2017

Bucks still scattered about...plenty of doe's in the clover food plot's.Several shooters been in the timber and plot's with (1) around a 170 class been watching since July and won't be long now boy's although i don't start hunting till about the 20th of Oct when the buck's start too get revved up.Good luck to all hunters wherever you are or whatever you hunt...

Greg ( State line State line )
Submitted : Sep 15,2017

Well, it's crunch time! 2 more weeks and we'll be hitting the stands. The silage is starting to come off and the big ones are showing up. Most have shed velvet and are looking good. Can't wait.

Greg ( State line State line )
Submitted : Aug 28,2017

Haven't seen many bucks while scouting mornings or evenings but I finally came across a couple of shooters in the beans yesterday around noon. These were the first good bucks I've seen since June. Guess I was scouting all the wrong times.

Dr. Bones ( Batesville Batesville )
Submitted : Jul 24,2017

Bucks showing up pretty well here in Indiana as the beans get bigger. Here's a dandy Travis ran into tonight that gets us fired up around here. Hope you all are seeing them too. Won't be long.....

Dr. Bones ( Batesville Batesville )
Submitted : Jul 09,2017

Mid July here in Indiana is usually deer in beans time and this year is no exception it seems. Have seen a couple of good bucks and a lot of does this past week and with the beans really picking up steam, I expect that sightings should really pick up. Summer heat picking up too though and storms rolling in but hope to have some pictures soon to start getting fired up for the season with. That's about it for now though so till next time, God bless you all and happy scouting!

Dr. Bones ( Batesville Batesville )
Submitted : Jun 24,2017

Yep looking good here Greg. If you haven't gone turkey hunting before, it is a great thing to help pass the time till dee season. Cameras should be out next week and spotting scope is lookin good. Got some steelhead fishing to do on the Black River, then it will be time to get to it. Tic tic tic......????

Greg ( State line State line )
Submitted : Jun 15,2017

Hey Bones, the mild winter definitely helped our herd. Seeing plenty of deer now and seeing some good bucks too. As for turkey, I haven't hunted them before but I'm starting to see a few in my area. Good luck scouting guys!

Dr. Bones ( Batesville Batesville )
Submitted : May 14,2017

Well turkey season was a short one for us here in Indiana as Travis took a 221/2 liber in 22 minutes opening evening and my bird came in quiet 3 days later after an hour and a half wait. Now it's time to get the cameras back out to start checking out the antlers. Travis has a hunting trip to New Zealand for red stag to get ready for coming next March so lots to get ready for there. Any tips on foreign hunting travel would be greatly appreciated by us rookies. Kclap....hopin you and Miss Braylen connected on your gobblers this year. We are always rooting for your crew up here. Well, gotta go for now. Crappie hitting hard and got 3 days on Lake Monroe coming up to get ready for. God bless you all till next time. Bones out.

Dr. Bones ( Batesville Batesville )
Submitted : Apr 10,2017

Pulled cameras that have been out since mid February and looks like our mild winter helped the deer herd here. DNR decided not to do sharpshooters since only 1 deer was found with T.B. And with over 2000 checked deer no more incidents so disaster averted and some good hunting still to look forward to. Now to back off of so many doe permits and we will be all set! Just found first batch of mushrooms here in Franklin County so that, walleye and white bass running, turkey season coming on. Great time of year to be aliv.If you haven't been out yet, go get ya some. Kclap, good luck with the turkeys and tell Miss Braeylen to hammer a big Tom for me. God bless you all till next time .Bonesout!


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