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Tennessee Hunter Battles Health Issues, Shoots First Bow Buck

Cory-SuttonFor a couple of years I’ve been emailing with Cory S., a dedicated hunter and family man who has endured years of hospital visits and surgeries with a positive and inspirational spirit. I am happy to report that this year Cory was finally able to get back in the woods, and he was rewarded with his first bow buck. Way to go man, you deserve it. Click here to read the story of Cory’s hunt.


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Alaska: Kodiak Island Bears and Skulls

KodiakLast month I embarked on an epic journey to hunt blacktail deer on Kodiak Island, Alaska. It was an amazing DIY adventure, and you’ll see the 2-episode special on BIG DEER TV next fall.

Coincidentally, while I was up there, a guy sent me this photo he saw online somewhere. I have no idea of its origin, but I am glad I didn’t see it before I hiked miles in all those thick alders up there on the island. If anyone knows the origin of this picture let me know so I can give it the proper credit:

Alaska… Man and beast locked in eternal battle. The man holding the gun was a guide on Kodiak Island back in the late 50s. He found a broken gun, a bear skull and a human skull all together.

Incidentally, we did see and film some brown bears on Kodiak, which you’ll see on the shows, including one that I figure was 1,000 pounds and would square close to 10 feet. While we did not have any close encounters, we got fairly close to the big one that prowled the brush and beach… One of the most wild and exhilarating feelings I’ve ever had as a hunter.

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Texas Hunter Finds, Mounts Locked Bucks

texas bucks lockedHi Mike: On November 9th of 2014, while hunting on my lease in East Texas, I stumbled upon these two bucks locked together. They had suffered a horrible fate and had just succumbed to their death.  It appears that the coyotes played a part in their death as well.  It was tragic indeed, but had a bitter sweet ending.

I was fortunate to find them on a very cool morning and just hours after they had passed.  Unbelievably, I was able to have them mounted (after gaining permission from a Texas Game Warden to take possession of them) using their original hides and antlers…..no add ons.

I consider myself very lucky to have found them, and I believe this to be a once in a lifetime situation. They may not be the biggest bucks in the woods, but they are certainly a trophy to me.  Certainly their death was a tragic fate of Mother Nature, but a bitter sweet ending. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Jason Smalley

We have some amazing and big-thinking hunters here on the blog, and I appreciate that. Jason, these bucks are trophies indeed, thanks for sharing. And the mount looks fantastic!

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